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VOIP | Voice Over Internet Protocol

A fantastic way of saving you money on your phone bills. Perhaps the best known VoIP system is Skype but what you may not know is that it's possible to use the same technology to route your regular telephone calls via the internet and thereby substantially reduce your call charges.

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Our engineers can either install an ATA device which will convert or digitise your analogue telephone signal for transmission over the internet or, better still, we can install special IP phones which connect directly to your router either cordlessly or via a cable. IP phones have a number of advantages such as the ability to place people on hold, transfer calls and have multiple lines. Some systems also have conference calling built in

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Using VoIP is not only cheap but very flexible - it can be used computer to computer via a headset so that you can receive calls straight to your laptop and, using WiFi hotspots you can make calls whilst you are on the move.

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