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Recover deleted photos | BROMLEY, BECKENHAM & CROYDON

No matter where when or how they were lost the result is the same. It can be one special photo, a folder-full, or a complete mess of photos you have always intended to sort out. If they are lost, it can be a personal disaster.

No matter what medium |we can recover them

A reformatted hard drive, a broken laptop, a memory card, a DVD – the list of different media we have recovered photos from never seems to stop. Antique hard drive, smashed phone, camera memory – if the deleted photos are held digitally we can try to recover them for you.


What is it you want recovered |we recover all types

Different cameras or devices will record photos in different ways. If you can tell us what has recorded the photos in the first place, we can be more efficient at using the best software to get them back for you.

Protect your investment |we do not change your settings

How much time have you spent getting your phone “just right” - from wall-paper and ring-tones to folder structure for your data? We NEVER delete your data without backing it up first, so those precious settings will be there for you when the phone comes back to you.

Virus'd or encrypted drive |no problem

Even drives which have been damaged by a virus are normally accessible to our software. And if you have encrypted your photos by accident and lost the access key we can often recover these photos for you without leaving you to have to deal with technical staff in other countries who pepper you with peculiar questions.

Sometimes you just have to try it |we will be working for you

Photo recovery can be a long process, especially when we have to repeat the process several times to find out what gets you the best results. But rest assured, we will continue to try every avenue that is available to enable us to recover those photos for you.

Contact us | let us recover your photos

For more information, feel free to contact us, based in Beckenham we also cover Bromley and Croydon.


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