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We're all emotionally connected to our phones, we all have music, videos, photos and a host of apps as well as the more mundane contacts texts and emails. It is hardly surprising that an increasing number of customers look to repair phones rather than to replace them when they are damaged. Look no further.

Time-savers | phone repairs can be carried out while you wait

If we have the parts on the premises we can repair your phone while you wait, or you can drop in at the start of the day and collect at the end.


Money-savers | phone repairs need not be expensive

Some repairs do not need parts, some need very few, some need inexpensive items. Because your phone is expensive to buy it does not mean the cost of the repair will also be expensive – you will often have a pleasant surprise at the cost of the repair.

Protect your investment |we do not change your settings

How much time have you spent getting your phone “just right” - from wall-paper and ring-tones to folder structure for your data? We NEVER delete your data without backing it up first, so those precious settings will be there for you when the phone comes back to you.

Contact us | find out how we can help

For more information, feel free to contact us, based in Beckenham we also cover Bromley and Croydon for all types of computer repair.


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