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Data recovery | Croydon, Bromley & Beckenham

Unfortunately it happens.  In spite of all our best intentions there's going to be a moment when a disaster happens and you realise you haven't run a back-up for a while.  Our data recovery software can recover your important data for you quickly cheaply and painlessly.


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Data recovery | we can restore your data

Don't despair - call us. Whilst there are times when nothing can be recovered these are happily rare. More often than not your data is there, it just needs a little coaxing to get it back. NCMS have many years' experience in data recovery and we like nothing better than a challenge.We can run our data recovery software against internal or external drives, against SD or USB memory sticks, against CDs and DVDs: we have even run data recovery against a camera.


Accidents happen | we can help

It has all happened before - you choose an option to upgrade your operating system and your data is wiped, you delete the wrong file or folder in error, the baby spills drink over your laptop, or you are hit by a virus.  Whatever the cause, you need your data back and we have software to recover that precious data for you.


A computer's value is the data | we recover your data

Replacing a machine is relatively cheap: replacing the information that is stored on it can be expensive or impossible.  That's where our data recovery software and experience of using it comes in.


All sorts of data | we can recover different types

You hold different types of data on your computer - documents, spreadsheets, photos, email addresses, videos.  Tell us what you want recovered and our advanced data recovery software will pull that information back for you.


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