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Laptop repairs

Over the years our experience in PC's has expanded to laptops and many other types of portable computers. 

1) Hardware problems?

2) Software problems?

3) A combination of the two?

We have the experience to solve your problem.



A time saver | what we can offer you

We can repair or replace any component within a laptop computer, from keyboards and screens, to motherboards and processors, we can guarantee your laptop will be mobile in next to no time. 

We can also upgrade and improve your laptop with extra RAM, larger hard drives or the latest operating system.

In a recent customer care survey

72% of our laptop repairs were completed within 1 business day
8% within 2 business days and the remaining 20% were repaired the day we received new parts.

Moving Forward | connecting to networks

If you require a connection to the Internet or a remote network, we can install and set-up the necessary hardware and software, allowing you to send and receive documents and information whilst on the move.

Contact | a helping hand

We are a family run business based in Beckenham covering Bromley and Croydon for all types of laptop repair.
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